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Mountains Meet Lake
James Hartland Expat Life Coach

Life Coaching succeeds by helping you work out what’s important to you, what it is you want and how to go and get it.

I am passionate about giving back and helping others lead their best life. It brings me a lot of fulfilment and joy in order to be able to watch others succeed and live a  positive lifestyle.


Gary Wong


Been working with James Hartland at AstraAsia Group for years. If you happened to be an expat looking for someone who could understand your cross-border needs, you can rely on James especially for global planning related to your pension, insurance, investment, medical coverage.


Also, if you happened to be going through changes in your life like marriage, divorce or any major life events; James knows what you are going through, or he would have known someone that could help you.


James is definitely the source for your expat needs because he is very well versed with the offshore environment as he travels constantly around the globe for continuous expansion as well as relationship building with professionals. Surprisingly, being so in depth with knowledge, he is humble in nature and is easy to talk to. I recommend you schedule a time with him and find out more for yourself.



“I've had the opportunity to know and mentor James through his coaching journey.  He is not just a coach but also a strategist. While having his own way of influencing and provoking thoughts he is not one to shy away from invoking clarity in his clients or to help them achieve their desired outcomes in their personal and professional lives. Its an  honor to know him and work with him. 
If you are looking for someone to coach you through a time of  transition then look no further than James. He is fully equipped with knowledge and skills to   help you with your goals, ambitions and your potential. ” 



“James mentored me when i was going through a crossroad phase in my life and was very uncertain about the direction i should be taking. He never told me his opinion but allowed me to come up with the answer myself, which i believe is so important. He asked me the right questions to help me weigh out pros and cons of different situations and listened to what i had to say carefully. He shows a lot of empathy and made me feel very comfortable talking to him about personal issues. I would recommend James as he is a great coach!” 



“James is very easy and comfortable to talk to. Although i felt i didn't have any issues or problems to solve, he helped me find a lot of clarity and order in plans that i thought were concrete, however made me realise where i could potentially act upon a few things. He asked me appropriate questions that really made me think twice. I would recommend James to you as he is not only very easy to talk to but very empathetic and understanding.” 

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