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James is one of the best in the business. He is generous with his knowledge and constructively critical in his praise. As my life coach he taught me to think outside the box and to trust that i am capable to be someone and not let my fear get in the way. My work with James opened up new resonances in communicative skills and has changed the way that I work and interact with others. I can - without hestiation - recommend him to you! He is a great coach and best of all, a great man!” 


“I've had the opportunity to know and mentor James through his coaching journey.  He is not just a coach but also a strategist. While having his own way of influencing and provoking thoughts he is not one to shy away from invoking clarity in his clients or to help them achieve their desired outcomes in their personal and professional lives. Its an  honor to know him and work with him. 
If you are looking for someone to coach you through a time of  transition then look no further than James. He is fully equipped with knowledge and skills to   help you with your goals, ambitions and your potential. ” 


“James mentored me when i was going through a crossroad phase in my life and was very uncertain about the direction i should be taking. He never told me his opinion but allowed me to come up with the answer myself, which i believe is so important. He asked me the right questions to help me weigh out pros and cons of different situations and listened to what i had to say carefully. He shows a lot of empathy and made me feel very comfortable talking to him about personal issues. I would recommend James as he is a great coach!” 


“James is very easy and comfortable to talk to. Although i felt i didn't have any issues or problems to solve, he helped me find a lot of clarity and order in plans that i thought were concrete, however made me realise where i could potentially act upon a few things. He asked me appropriate questions that really made me think twice. I would recommend James to you as he is not only very easy to talk to but very empathetic and understanding.” 


In 2011, just 3 weeks after turning 18 years old I moved to the UK from Spain to become an au-pair for his family. I had little to no experience of pretty much anything at the time. All I knew was that I wanted to grow up and leave my roots behind, and being an aupair seemed like a reasonable idea. I could cook and relatively work a hoover, how difficult could that be? I was required to help keep the house tidy, support his daughters homework, who at the time was 15 years old and generally be the trusted person in charge of the home while James worked abroad Monday to Thursday.


At that time I didn’t realise it, but James would go on to become the most solid father figure I’ve had in my life. He mentored me throughout 2 and a half years of living under his roof, not as an employee but as a family member. He offered advice and support just as he would for his own kids, often letting minor mistakes slide, as well as helping me act on the bigger ones. I learnt the value of trust and honesty, while always being included in the family’s activities and treated as one more of the gang.


That opportunity represented valuable work experience but more to the point, educational development as I could study while living with them, financial security, as I saved enough money to put myself up through university and generally a huge injection of maturation. 8 and a half years on, I cherish the memories of the time I spent with the Hartlands so dearly. James continues to be the person I look up to and admire. His resilience to carry on through the loss of his wife and ability to raise his three incredible kids and their cousins on his own while still helping so many around him is extraordinary. His advice, I will always rely on, and I know in most cases, will actually be right!



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