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  • What does each session include?

  • What do you need to know?

  • The requirements



This session is designed for clients who are already reasonably clear as to what their
financial objectives and goals are. Before the session the coachee will need to complete a form
to clarify what they particularly want to discuss so the session can focus on this topic or
financial goal.

During the session the coach will ask questions to make sure the plans the coachee has are
realistic and achievable. This is designed to make sure the goals the coachee has can be
achieved and in what time frame.

The coach will also spend the first 10 minutes of the session asking questions about the
background of the coachee. These questions will relate to current personal situation, financial
position, employment situation so as to make sure the objectives the coachee has are realistic
and there are no significant gaps in their personal finances.


  • Suitability of property purchase and how to decide where to buy
  • Is bank financing feasible and why you may or may not want to use bank finance
  • Is your property purchase an emotional buy [second home or place to live] or an investment purchase which will only focus on capital return and income generation?
  • Are you nearing retirement, and do you want to make sure you are financially ready for retirement?
  • Do you want to check in to make sure the financial plans you have in place are best suited to your current financial goals?
  • Are you considering retiring abroad and what to make sure you have all the right information?
  • Do you want to make sure you have your current tax situation in both the country of your nationality and host country under control to maximise any tax breaks.
  • You have decided you want to retire abroad and want to make sure you have the optimal tax advice for your current finances.
  • You want to explore options for saving for your children’s or grand children’s education and make sure your plans make financial sense and benefit from any tax breaks.
  • You have existing company or personal pensions and want to discuss the best options for utilising these monies going forward.
  • You want to review your current protection plans for medical, life and critical illness cover tomake sure these are suitable for your current situation. [Personal or Company arrangements]
  • You plan to get married in the near future and discuss the impact of this on your finances.
  • You are going through a divorce and want to understand how this will impact your finances and discuss plans as to how to work this through to avoid unnecessary legal costs.
  • You would like to retire abroad and are considering various countries and want to talk through the financial and tax implications.
  • Your parents are getting older and may want you to help them with your finances but want to chat this through to make sure you give them the best advise.


The investment for a one hour session is USD 250



These sessions are designed for those who are not sure about their financial plans and goals.They want a thorough review of their current situation and want to discuss all aspects of their finances.
Typically these sessions are ideal for those who are not financially aware and want coaching to help them build sound financial plans for their future.
Before the sessions start the coachee will need to complete a ‘fact find’ provided by the coach to enable the coach to focus on the most important areas which need reviewing.
During the sessions the coach will ask powerful questions to clarify the objectives of the
coachee and make sure the goals they have are clear and understood.
The 3 sessions can and may discuss any of the topics covered in the 1 hour session but can also go into more detail.

These sessions will also cover investment risk to make sure any investments the coachee
currently has are appropriate and any new investments fit the risk profile of the coachee.
At the end of the 3 sessions the coach will provide the coachee with a ‘detailed personal
financial review’. The review will provide the coachee with information about their current
financial position and their agreed priorities and goals.

The coachee may want to have follow up sessions in the future to make sure their financial
plans are on track. A change in circumstances may also mean the coachee will want to do
another coaching session.


The investment for the 3 sessions is USD 600.


The ‘coaching agreement’ outlines what the coach will achieve in the sessions booked by the coachee.

At the end of the sessions it is up to the coachee to implement the agreed actions and if
anything changes the coachee may arrange further sessions with the coach.

The coachee may also decide if they choose, to engage the coach to also act as their financial advisor. This is a separate agreement and before this happens the coachee will have to sign a ‘terms of business’ to confirm they now wish the coach to act as their financial advisor.

The new ‘terms of business’ outlines the new agreement between the coachee and the coach and describes the list of services offered by the coach; how the coach is regulated, any fees or commissions the coach may also earn from the new arrangement.

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