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What You Need To Know Through These Challenging Times...

So the world is slowly opening back up and is great to be able to travel again and meet clients face to face. Video calls have been great and helped business to survive during Covid but there is nothing like a face to face meetings to help consolidate business partnerships.

Sadly, the world still looks very gloomy due to a rapidly increasing cost of living as interest rates rise around the world. The problem is exacerbated by the war in Europe which is driving up global food prices forcing many into poverty.

Global markets have consequently fallen significantly over the last few months and there is a real sense of doom and gloom as the current volatility has also resulted in a huge meltdown in the value of crypto currency and certain technology stocks.

It was however refreshing chatting with clients over the week who understood the reasons for the falls and were provided to ride out the volatility. The discussions also focused on the fact that while it is impossible to know when the market will find a bottom it is important to stay invested.

We favour active management during these volatile times and we have been increasing allocations to sectors like commodities, agriculture, technology and certain Asian markets.

Since last leaving Singapore during the height of Covid in May 2020, it was great to see Singapore thriving again and the restaurants and malls as busy as ever. With the issues currently facing Hong Kong, the next few years and more should see Singapore only strengthen its position as the key business hub in Asia.

Personally it was great to be able to catch up with my son and his new wife who I had not been able to meet due to Covid. We spent a day cycling around the East Coast Park plus swimming in the sea and reflecting on the quality of life in Singapore.

Currently for those of a compassionate nature, the world looks a dismal place and it is hard to see this situation changing quickly. The current situation cannot only affect our finances and plans but also our mental health. During times like this it is good to talk about the issues and concerns you have rather than bottle them inside.

Please reach out to me with any concerns, questions that you may have. My inbox is always open. MESSAGE ME NOW!

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