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What happens if you purchase life insurance today?

With most of the world now in ‘lock down’ we have plenty of time to think about things we often put on the back burner. One of those topics which many of us find difficult to address but is now in the spotlight is death, and what we can do to prepare for this.

Many people are now reviewing  ‘Life Insurance’ if they have it and if not wondering if they can now get a policy in this current environment.

The good news is that even in the midst of this pandemic it is still possible to buy life insurance and surprisingly the premiums as yet have not increased. For those who already have policies the good news is that you will most likely be covered for Coronavirus and your premiums should also not increase.

For International Expats there are still providers out there who offer reliable and cost effective life insurance. These policies can cover you wherever you live and work and in this current crazy global world that will be comforting for many with families. For those who have policies which they took out before they became an expat these should be reviewed as many of these policies will not cover you if you move abroad.

Those who are now considering taking out life insurance will also be happy to know that they can and premiums are still good value for those with good health. The only difference is that many providers are now asking questions with regard to ‘Coronavirus’.

Life Insurance still remains one of the building blocks of sound financial planning for all of us who have financial responsibilities to dependents. The good news is that the current situation has not affected the ability for people to protect themselves.

I have been helping clients set up Life Insurance policies for many decades and have extensive experience being independent in making sure clients pick the most appropriate and cost effective policies for my clients.

It is also important when you set up these policies that beneficiaries are correctly appointed to make sure funds are distributed with minimum need for lawyers and expensive costs.

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