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What happens if I lose loved ones to #Coronavirus?

The current coronavirus situation will get many of us thinking about our own mortality, as we hear about more and more deaths every day.

As we all know death is part of life but it is hard to prepare for the shock when you lose a loved one especially when it is sudden and unexpected. At moments like this our minds have time to wander and think about the possibility of losing loved ones and what this might mean to us. Currently many are dying without unfortunately having the option to say goodbye to even their closest family and loved ones.

At the moment many of us will have more time to reach out to loved ones on the phone or via various social media applications. This will help many of us at the moment and the more we can speak with family and friends the better frame of mind we are likely to be in plus also making others happier. 

The loss of a loved one is hard to take and given the current dark days we are going through, will make it doubly difficult for people to cope.

Unfortunately the loss of a loved one can be even harder if you are the one who has to pick up the pieces. The sad reality is that many of us still make no plans when it comes to simple things like ‘making a Will or discussing these matters with those close to us. This means that the loss of a friend or family member can become almost unbearable if you are left trying to sort things out after they have gone.

Although this will not be everyones favourite topic, this is a good time to make a ‘Will’, if you have then maybe a review would be helpful. If you have family or friends who may rely on you when they are not around it could also be a good time to chat with them about their own arrangements. This may feel awkward but you are likely to find they will actually welcome this conversation as the likelihood is they are also thinking about this and having someone to discuss this with who they can trust will be very comforting.

I have specialised in writing Wills for the last few decades and are happy to discuss any questions with you or your current situation.

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