James Hartland

Updated: Jul 28, 2019


I first became an expat in 1983 and have pretty much stayed as an expat right up until today. I started my career in the UAE as an employee working for a landscape company which I did for 6 years.

After 6 years I moved into financial services and have worked in this profession both as a business owner and employee since 1989.

I married my beautiful Filipina wife in 1985 and we had three kids who were all born in the UAE.

My wife tragically passed away in 2009 leaving me to play the role of Dad & Mum plus work to support them. I lived with my wife and kids in various locations including the UAE, UK, Europe and also Asia plus set up business’s and invested into property in many different countries.

During my life I have been privileged to meet some brilliant managers and motivators but have also met many fools and crooks. In business I have enjoyed significant success’s and failures but been able to learn from experience to remain contented and financially stable in life.

Fortunately in life I have always been an optimist and dreamer and always like to see the best in people.


I am excited to move into Life Coaching as I believe the experiences I have had will help me guide people to enjoy a rewarding life and overcome issues they may face. I believe my experiences and skills will be of particular benefit to expats of all nationalities and those thinking of becoming one.

I intend to specialize in coaching individuals away from home because of my experience overseas in different countries and also working as an expat will help me to provide guidance and support. Moving away from home throws up many challenges and issues that can be overwhelming. Being able to talk with someone who has been through these struggles and issues I believe will be useful for many.

Having run business’s all over the world and managed people from different countries I can also help coach expat business’s. This can range from help in starting up a business to the day to day issues you face once up and running. Tax and whether you should also set up an offshore as well as local company is an issue I can also help with.

My strength and experience in personal and company finance will also help me to coach entrepreneurs and other business people to structure their business correctly. This could involve using different locations to minimize costs of the business and how to go about this and also recruitment of people.

In this fast paced, technology oriented world we live in, perhaps the best reason to work with a coach is just to be able to talk with someone who is independent and can help you reach inside yourself to get more out of your life. This could be to discuss family or personal issues, financial problems, business issues or contemplating major decisions which will affect your life and friends and family.

Working with a coach is geared to helping you discuss issues you are facing whether they are positive or negative and helping you to come to a conclusion and be confident in what ever decision you make. Your coach will ask you ‘powerful questions’ and will follow up to make sure that actions agreed during the coaching session will be followed up and implemented by you.

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