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Investment Update: Coronavirus

This website is geared to coaching with regard to personal financial planning, but we are all aware these are unprecedented times.

Key things to focus on in times like this is your personal health and that of your families. The global situation with regard to the virus is causing pain, fear and significant loss.

People are losing their jobs seeing their wealth drop dramatically as markets fall. The catalyst for this was when the virus moved from China to Italy at which point markets panicked.

As the days pass, we can see the markets have fallen as once the virus hit Italy and Europe, we all became aware this was now going to be a significant global problem. The virus will put the whole world into recession with unprecedented levels of unemployment and bankruptcy.

Fortunately, governments are now beginning to realize this and act together. It has been slow, and collaboration needs to further improve. Volatility in the markets is as high as it has ever been but ultimately mankind and human ingenuity will prevail.

Now is a ‘bad time to panic but a great time to invest’ for those with the courage to see through the chaos and focus on the future. As the market has already fallen significantly, the downside from here is far less than the potential upside. These facts have been proven time and time again and if we can let logic rule emotion there is a great opportunity to make money.

As a coach my role is to give you clarity on what is happening and give you the courage and the tools to make the right decisions.

There is light at the end of the tunnel as we now see countries like China returning to normality and going back to work.

I would love to hear from you if you want to reach out and have a coaching session as to how to benefit from the current crisis.

Stay safe and hope to speak with you soon.

James Hartland

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