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2022 STEP Global Congress Expert Insights

James Hartland, Founder of Expat Life Coaches and Partner ang Managing Director of Astra Asia and the Middle East shares to us in a video interview with Astra Group’s Marketing Manager, Milex Quisumbing, his insights into the recently concluded STEP Global Congress in London and how this could help Astra clients and advisors both now and in the future.

Watch the video interview to learn some of the most important themes discussed in the conference including estate planning, importance of trusts, digital age, and more!

Astra remains at the forefront in providing personalized financial solutions to our clients by actively participating and engaging in global events such as STEP. This is just one of the many ways that allows us to help our clients who come from different backgrounds and who hold different assets around the world on issues surrounding estate planning and more.

Begin with the end in mind. Get expert advise on financial planning as early as today. Click here to get your free consultation or send James Hartland a message on his LinkedIn.

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