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Do you know the financial & legal implications of relocating for a single parent?

Here's a case study: Someone who has lived and worked in the Middle East for 22 years and looking to return to back home to the UK with her 16 year old son.

Firstly, things that you need to consider when relocating

  • Finances

  • Schools

  • Support and help

  • Relocation

  • How to make all your moves be a positive one

  • How to get children to buy into the move and feel positive about it

Any move that you make will involve significant soul searching and mixed emotions for various reasons. Discussing your feelings with someone who understands your issues and who can listen to you when you feel alone will be incredibly powerful.

Here's a case study of how a coaching session helped my client prepare mentally & financially:

For the sake of privacy, let's call my client Jane. Jane currently runs her own business but has struggled to make ends meet, pay rent and her other bills as her cost of living has increased.

Her business is seasonal as clients are mostly wealthy individuals who tend to leave the country in the hot summers which puts further stress on her finances. She has very little liquid cash and does not own any properties. Due to her length of stay in the Middle East, it has been quite easy to lose touch to a certain degree with life back in the UK and is now unsure how to make her move happen.

The reason that Jane's moving back home is because of her worsening financial situation. Her priority was also to make sure her son was settled for the next few years so he could do his further studies. The main barriers and risks involved with the move were financial and also the lack of support in the UK to help with the move.

Once a plan was established, our coaching sessions focused on carrying out the planned move and the various tasks that needed to be done and by when to make sure the move happened smoothly. The move required long term planning so as to achieve a smooth exit from the Middle East and a settled future in the UK. Like with all plans from time to time there was a need to adapt as things changed; the coaching sessions enabled her to keep focused on the goals even when barriers were thrown up.

Not only can an expat financial coach help you plan any move, but coaching sessions can also

save you money and time by making sure your finances are in good shape before you move

and when you arrive in your new country.

Before relocating, make sure to speak with an expert on the topic to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your family!


Get from confusion to clarity in just under 45 mins.

Looking forward to helping you gain more clarity, confidence & control so you can go and live your best future!

Best, James

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