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Astra UK Mortgage Service

The Astra Group have teamed up with an independent lender in the UK to offer mortgage solutions for expats and foreigners wishing to buy property in the UK.

Why buy now?

Property is important as part of a diversified portfolio and UK property has always been a popular and successful investment.

Since the Brexit vote, the UK economy has suffered as has the Pound Sterling making the UK property more affordable for International and expat buyers.

Rental returns from the UK property have always been good and when you can also arrange lending at the current very low rates this makes for compelling investment.

After the ‘global financial crisis’ [GFC] banks stopped lending so unless you had cash it was difficult to buy property using a mortgage. In the last few years banks have started lending again at very competitive rates.

After the GFC, banks cut back on lending to expats and foreign buyers, but that has now all changed which means overseas property buyers can benefit from the current value of the UK market.

About the service:

We provide advice on regulated and unregulated mortgage contracts for the UK market and are directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. [FCA] UK.

We offer 'whole of market advice' as we are not tied to specific lenders. This enables us to find the best possible solutions and rates to meet the clients needs.

Before arranging financing we can also review existing finance arrangements you have and potentially get better deals for you. We can consider investors from almost all countries who are looking to buy property in the UK using UK finance.

We also cater to all buyer types which includes; UK expats, Non UK Nationals, First time buyers, First time landlords, Portfolio Landlords and Limited Companies.

Financing can be provided for all property types; new builds, houses of multiple occupancy, commercial/semi commercial.

Income criteria for residential is simply based on affordability which put simply is income minus expenses and will it tolerate mortgage expenses. For Investment properties there is no minimum income requirement and lending can be based solely on expected rental income.

As we are using the whole of the market to search for financing we can offer all

options; residential, buy to let, and clients can choose if they want a

repayment mortgage or interest only.

The mortgage service is carried out by an independent mortgage broker who

are regulated in the UK. Astra work with them to make sure you get the best solution suited to both the purchase of property and your needs as an International buyer.

Your Astra buyer can help you to work out which finance option is best for you in terms of what you are trying to achieve from a tax perspective, investment option or just a personal purchase which may be a family or second home.

With the current situation in the world the next 12 months will throw up some great investment opportunities for the smart investor. Having access to finance will enable the smart investor to really make the most of the opportunities that come up.

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