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Are You Leaving The Gulf? Don't Panic! Prepare yourself for the financial consequence of going home.

Sensible planning is an important step when returning home from a job as an expatriate. It can help you minimise taxes and proper planning will make sure you don't leave assets or bank accounts, which will later be difficult to access.

While most expatriates plan to return home at some point, most do not have a comprehensive exit strategy. Some may choose to leave voluntarily for family or lifestyle reasons, but others have the matter taken out of their hands because of job loss.

Moving back home can be stressful and isn't always as easy as you'd expect. Most people give themselves at least a minimum of 6 to 12 months in planning to repatriate.

Here a just a few of the endless questions that I have discussed with those that are leaving the Gulf:

  1. Where do I go? Back home? Or to my partner's home country?

  2. Will there be good education for my kids? Will it be expensive? What type of community will it be for them?

  3. What will happen to my house? Do I have a new house to move into? Will I be able to pay rent?

  4. Are there good opportunities for work where i'm going?

  5. Will I be able to move at the same time as my partner and kids? Will they have to leave after me?

  6. Do I have a bank account already set up in my home country? If not, I may encounter some unexpected financial challenges

Above all, remember that moving is a process not an event.

I can help YOU with YOUR move. I offer one-to-one support and targeted help and advice to help you navigate your own repatriation journey. Let's make sure you are well-prepared for your move. Jump on an online complimentary call with me now to discuss your situation further.

I have over 30 years of being an expat and working closely with other expats like yourself to minimise stress and make sure you are fully prepared.

Get in touch with me HERE.

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