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9 Things You Should Be Doing During Coronavirus

It's Always Darkest Before The Dawn.

For those of us struggling with 2020 and what COVID-19 has brought, we appear to now be in that space of greatest darkness before a new dawn.

2020 will be a year to never forget as it has brought death, separation, financial ruin for many and has wrecked dreams and eagerly anticipated occasions. The Covid 19 problem has been exacerbated by the lack of an organized global approach to the problem. In fact it would appear countries are becoming more insular and acting in isolation which has only compounded the issues.

Very few global leaders come out of this crisis with any credit and COVID-19 has only accelerated the ‘global trends’ which are currently playing out. This has been a long and unprecedented crisis which will rumble on and impact us all for perhaps a decade and more.

In these times, it is often difficult to focus on more than one day ahead but we should remember that this crisis will pass and the time to plan and act is now. With all events like this there will always be winners and losers but life is a marathon not a sprint.

If you have struggled since the start of the crisis and want to get a head start here are 9 things you should be doing:

  1. Find healthy ways to keep your mood up

  2. Get all of your bills up-to-date

  3. Build up an emergency fund

  4. Pay down high-interest rate debts as fast as you can

  5. Pay attention to your health, especially right now!

  6. Invest now

  7. Prepare in sensible ways for future difficult times

  8. Bump up your retirement contributions

  9. Continue to develop professional skills

No matter what life will throw at you, if you're taking these steps I can guarantee you'll always come out on top!

If you feel that you've lost the way, do not worry, sometimes speaking to a coach can be one of the best things to help you answer your questions, help your organise the list of things we have to do and get you back on track to success.

If you have survived or even thrived during these times remember the race is long and it is important to always re-evaluate your success’s and failures so you continue to thrive.

Drop me a message to have a complimentary online call to discuss your current situation and let me guide you into a more confident, in control and clearer perspective moving forward.

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