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For the past 35 years I have been a financial advisor travelling & helping people all over the world. 

James Hartland



My family & I lived in various locations including the UAE, UK, Europe and also Asia plus I have set up business’s and invested into property in many different countries.

Then in 2009, my wife tragically passed away leaving me to play the role of Dad & Mum plus work to support my family and run a business.. all at the same time!

My business had started about six months before my wife died and despite us now being in the midst of the ‘Global Financial Crisis’ we were able to survive and ultimately thrive.

Running a new small business and coping with loss was never going to be easy and I learnt many lessons during this time.

Hard work and my sense of responsibility to my kids and colleagues kept me going as did being able to take time out clearing my head with long walks and also spending time with my kids.


I am passionate about giving back and helping others lead their best life. It brings me a lot of fulfilment and joy in order to be able to watch others succeed and live a  positive lifestyle.

There are many things that i enjoy in my life, travelling being one of them. Being an expat has given me the opportunity not only to go abroad but to be able to work closely with others from different cultures & backgrounds. 

Having spent the majority of my life living and working as an expat I believe I have a lot to offer expats with regards to coaching.

With more and more people moving abroad for work or out of choice it can be very difficult to get 'good advice’ and support with regard to matters which will concern people.


My life has put me in the fortunate position where I have gained so many insights which i would love to share with others. These experiences are both emotional, business and understanding what is required to being happy and making the most of your time in many different environments.


So, let's help you build your own story.

Life Coaching succeeds by helping you work out what’s important to you, what it is you want and how to go and get it.

why did I take the expat route?

Like many stories, mine started a long time ago when the world was very different. My childhood years were normal for the time as my folks were in the forces and before I was eight years old I had lived in Hong Kong, Germany and Wales.
Not sure if this was one of the reasons why when I grew up I became a global nomad.
At eight I was packed off to a boarding school three hours away from where my parents lived and left to make my own way in life. At the time this was normal but I think for me this was a turning point which in ways I am still working out has impacted decisions I have made and my choices in life. From eight years old I spent more time away from my parents than with them.
By the time i got to 20, i had travelled across Europe on motorbikes a few times and begun to yearn to travel and try to understand what life had to offer. I then took advantage of the Australian 1 year working visa, which awakened the global nomad within me. 

After college I was presented with the opportunity to work for a landscaping & irrigation company in the United Arab Emirates.


This was the early 80’s when Dubai was a very different place. Dubai became home to me for sixteen wonderful years.


I arrived in Dubai with a rucksack and left sixteen years later married to my beautiful Filipina wife and three amazing kids. When I returned to the UK we shipped back a container of stuff for our new life.

Post College:

Let me guide you to better mental and financial wellbeing

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