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Life Coaching

"A life coach is all about meeting you where you’re at and exploring certain moments versus having expectations or trying to solve your problems."

Why Should I Talk To A Lifecoach?

  • A life coach helps you find your purpose

  • Unlock answers within yourself

  • Develop steps to improve yourself / business

  • Set & achieve goals with someone who is holding you accountable

  • Start doing instead of dreaming!

  • We all need a personal cheerleader. Your life coach wants you to succeed!

  • Gain better self-understanding and confidence

Topics That We Will Cover

  • How to prepare for working or moving abroad.


  • Financial aspects and planning for life as an expat.


  • Preparing yourself mentally for moving abroad so you hit the ground running.


  • Cultural aspects or working and living abroad and how this might impact family and relationships.


  • Understanding how to make the most out of relationships between different nationalities and cultures.


  • Helping clients discuss and work out best places to retire and why.


  • How to prepare for relocation back home after working abroad.


What's Included:

  • The help to establish your goals and then decide which ones to focus on.


  • Confirm the goals are achievable and realistic.

  • Create a plan to help you agree to actions to achieve these goals.


  • Build a time frame plan to achieve set goals.


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  • will a life coach help solve all my problems?

Unfortunately not. A life coach is not here to solve your problems, but to hold you accountable for them & provide guidance whilst you solve them yourself. Yes, there’s accountability in terms of helping you achieve your goals and move toward where you want to be in your life — but a really good life coach walks alongside you while you’re living your life. They help you explore and tap into your intuition to navigate your life.

  • what kind of people have a life coach?

Everyone! From my experience every type of individual will come to me for coaching. The only traits these people have in common is the desire to change part of their life so they are happier, and the realisation that they will stay focused and get there quicker with the support of a coach.

  • how many sessions will i need?

This depends on what you want to achieve with your coaching. Most people come to a Personal Coach with a life changing goal in mind. In order to achieve this we look at smaller goals, that need to be achieved each session, to move you closer to your overall goal. For some people this may take as little as 2 sessions and for others it will be more. It is a very personal decision based on your individual goal.

  • what do i have to do?

To get the best out of your coaching, you need to have a positive attitude and open mind. You need to be totally open, trusting and honest within the coaching relationship. You need to have the time and commitment to complete the actions that you will set yourself at the end of each session. These actions are what will move you closer to your overall goal. Ultimately your level of commitment will directly influence the speed and extent to which your goals will be realised. 

  • where do the sessions take place?

This can depend. Mostly sessions are online. However, let me know what your preference is and your location as I am constantly on the move so could potentially set up a 1-1.

The Process


Step 1

Initial free 15 minute online Call


Step 2

45 minute in depth about your personal / financial situation


Step 3

Subsequent 45 minute discussion covering goals and plans 


Step 4

Ongoing regular calls and follow up as required 


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