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Financial Coach, Global Expat & Entrepreneur

Overseas Advice For Expats


Do you want to live your best

life overseas?

Hi, i'm James and my mission is to help set you up with the best opportunities abroad to help tiy reach your future goals. 

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Who Is James Hartland?

He is an Expat Life & Financial Coach with over 30 years of experience in the industry, the Founder of The Astra Group, a financial advisory company, President of The CISI NAC for The Philippines and an important member of The Society Of Will Writers & STEP.

James helps expats all over the world not only survive.. but THRIVE in this 'new normal.'

His clients say 'Surprisingly, being so in depth with knowledge, he is humble in nature and is easy to talk to.'

Above all, he is a father, a mentor, a boss, a life enthusiast and an adventure seeker, a global nomad and expat.

He is best known by his family and friends as 'Action Man'

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"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice"

Vibhas Garg

Martime Professional, AFNI, MBA

"I have known James for over two decades and value his knowledge and advice when I am reviewing my financial situation and my plans for retirement. His guidance has made it easier to meet many of my financial targets. Having spent a third of my life in Singapore it is easy to just become reliant on information and products based in Singapore, so having someone to discuss this with and to help me plan for my retirement, wherever it maybe, has helped me enormously. James' advice has led me to realise that however great a place Singapore may be, it is important to diversify your assets and investments and I am now acting upon it."

Are you ready to take the steps into a better, financially secure and fulfilled future?

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Financial Coach, Global Expat & Entrepreneur


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