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Calm Sea

Your Guide To Financial Freedom

Most of us do not have the knowledge, expertise or time to manage our own finances. In this alien environment, it can get stressful and confusing. 

A financial advisor can help clarify your financial goals and expectations giving you the confidence to make decisions. Your advisor will keep you prepared for the expected as well as the unexpected.


What Does This Involve?

  • A comprehensive review of your existing finances and plans


  • A discussion to help you clarify your financial goals and objectives


  • Help you work out what your key financial goals are and if they are realistic and affordable

What Will You Get Out Of Each Session?

  • A comprehensive financial review after the first meeting outlining your financial goals and how to achieve them.


  • Recommendations as to how to achieve your goals


  • The opportunity for follow up sessions to make sure you remain on track to achieve your financial goals

What Are The Requirements?

  • Be ready and stay in the moment


  • Review your existing plans and have the information ready


  • Feel comfortable and ready to discuss your finances and current employment situation

The Process


Step 1

Initial free 15 minute online Call


Step 2

45 minute in depth about your personal / financial situation


Step 3

Subsequent 45 minute discussion covering goals and plans 


Step 4

Ongoing regular calls and follow up as required 


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