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James Hartland

I have been an expat for over 30 years and worked helping and advising clients with regards to their finances for 31 years. I believe to really be able to help clients with regard to services I or others provide; you need to not only be able to ‘walk the walk but also talk the talk’.


Unfortunately, many coaches or sales people, very rarely invest in the products or services they recommend which I believe weakens their proposition. As a coach, I invest in similar products and advice I give clients, which I believe means I am more likely to be able to deliver for clients as our goals are aligned.

Over my working life, I have made many mistakes which I have learned from and I believe the more overall experiences your coach/advisor has of both positive and negative experiences, the more likely they are to help you achieve your goals.


Planning your personal and family finances is not easy in our busy and complicated world and for an expat these issues can seem almost impossible to manage. Often, this is the last thing on your list of priorities, but unfortunately burying your head in the sand will only prolong the decision and may lead to serious problems down the road.


It is not always easy to talk about this subject as well, and is who you are talking with; be it a family member, friend or sales person got your best interests at heart, and do they really understand your situation?


The role of the financial coach is to listen to you and ask powerful questions you might not think about, so that you can build your own financial plan.


Building your own plan with the help of a coach means you will understand it better and be more involved and therefore more likely to succeed; rather than if you are just sold a product you don’t really understand and does not suit your needs.


Once you have created a plan, the ‘coach’ can then help later down the line if things change and you need to review it.


The Financial Expat Coach

Have you been thinking about building your own financial plan?


Are you looking to invest in property but not sure if it's the right choice?

Do you want to build your plan by saving on a regular basis or investing a lump sum?

Are you concerned about International tax, tax on your income and assets in your retirement?

Do you know what assets or platforms to invest in? 

Are you worried about inheritance tax? Your money should be going to your family as opposed to the taxman or solicitors. 

Are you in a mixed relationship? This will affect your financial situation.

If you can relate..

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