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James Hartland Expat Life Coach

Improve Your Financial Wellbeing & Freedom.

Giving you peace of mind where ever life takes you. 

Moving & living abroad stress free

When you get the opportunity to work abroad as an expat often this change happens quickly and there is little time to prepare your finances and personal affairs. It is also unlikely that you will be able to find an appropriate ‘financial coach’ who understands the issues you may face when you move abroad.


Finding a coach like me either before or when you initially move helps you reduce stress as you become confident in what you are doing and by speaking with a coach, statistics show you are far more likely to financially benefit from your time abroad.

Work Desk

Why working with a ‘coach’ is a necessity not a luxury.

I am passionate about giving back and helping others lead their best life. It brings me a lot of fulfilment and joy in order to be able to watch others succeed and live a  positive lifestyle.

There are many things that i enjoy in my life, travelling being one of them. Being an expat has given me the opportunity not only to go abroad but to be able to work closely with others from different cultures & backgrounds. 

Having spent the majority of my life living and working as an expat I believe I have a lot to offer expats with regards to coaching.

With more and more people moving abroad for work or out of choice it can be very difficult to get 'good advice’ and support with regard to matters which will concern people.


My life has put me in the fortunate position where I have gained so many insights which i would love to share with others. These experiences are both emotional, business and understanding what is required to being happy and making the most of your time in many different environments.

Work with me

Please feel free to get in touch regarding any questions you might have or drop a message if you would like a free initial consultation.

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