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Mountains Meet Lake

I Can Improve Your Financial Wellbeing And Guide You Down The Path To Financial Freedom.

Find out now in just 20 minutes for FREE to see how I can get you from confusion to clarity. 


About Me

My priority is to make sure that you are your family are fully prepared for the expected as well as the unexpected future.

Most of us do not have the knowledge, expertise or time to manage our own finances and this can get quite confusing and overwhelming to know if what we're actually doing is the best way forward. In this alien environment, it can get stressful and overwhelming.

The world is rapidly changing into a global world filled with mixed relationships & families moving abroad. My goal is to ensure that you're set up with the best plans in your location that actually serve your personal needs.

It is essential for me to build a personal relationship with you in order to understand your requirements and ensure we are setting you and your loved ones up for the best possible outcome, no matter the situation.

I will give you recommendations to how you can realistically achieve your goals

My company has a qualified and experienced investment & admin team to ensure the best service for you

I will give you a comprehensive view of your existing finances and plans and ensure that they still meet your requirements

I will give you steps to develop your business / yourself 

Continuous follow-up sessions to make sure you remain on track to achieving your financial goals

I will build a time frame plan to achieve set goals and set a plan to hold you accountable

What My Clients Say


"James’ services and knowledge of the financial industry played a crucial part in helping my family during difficult times. I have known James on both a personal and professional level for a number of years, and I recommend him wholeheartedly. James will keep your best interests in mind while applying the decades of industry knowledge that he’s acquired."

Scott Dunroe


Nicki Anderson

"James came highly recommended to me by a friend who had been using his financial services for years. I needed a financial advisor who could respond to my financial position in a unique way. It wasn’t just about looking at planning and policy advice but about understanding my personal financial journey and appealing to that .


I’m a self supporting ,single parent and my financial journey has been rocky and difficult and I didn’t need someone to simply throw regulation at me . James always seems to always have the time, really listens to your concerns, and due to his broad spectrum skills, coaches you through the mindset struggles and practical hurdles.


I found his approach supportive while also being grounded in years of experience in the finance world. He is very knowledgeable about supporting expatriates to transition back to their country of domicile a service that is extremely helpful. Thank you James"


Vibhas Garg


Gary Wong

I have known James for over two decades and value his knowledge and advice when I am reviewing my financial situation and my plans for retirement. His guidance has made it easier to meet many of my financial targets. Having spent a third of my life in Singapore it is easy to just become reliant on information and products based in Singapore, so having someone to discuss this with and to help me plan for my retirement, wherever it maybe, has helped me enormously. James' advice has led me to realise that however great a place Singapore may be, it is important to diversify your assets and investments and I am now acting upon it.

Been working with James Hartland at AstraAsia Group for years. If you happened to be an expat looking for someone who could understand your cross-border needs, you can rely on James especially for global planning related to your pension, insurance, investment, medical coverage.


Also, if you happened to be going through changes in your life like marriage, divorce or any major life events; James knows what you are going through, or he would have known someone that could help you.


James is definitely the source for your expat needs because he is very well versed with the offshore environment as he travels constantly around the globe for continuous expansion as well as relationship building with professionals. Surprisingly, being so in depth with knowledge, he is humble in nature and is easy to talk to. I recommend you schedule a time with him and find out more for yourself.

Who Am I?

Founder of The Astra Group, Financial Coach for over 30+ years, Expat, Life Coach, Mentor, Friend, Father.


This is a quote I live by daily.
What do you want for yourself in the future?

That goal and current dream can be a reality through proper planning, discipline and commitment.

I have helped my clients save literally thousands of dollars through planning, online sessions and reviews.

I have helped my clients make big financial decisions that could've otherwise costed millions.

I have helped my clients set up and position their business successfully.

And much more.

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